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Pray for a God’s-Eye View

Problems are probably not so big if you can see them God’s way.

Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin

Ever get so full up—or distracted—that you can’t see your way through a problem? Times like that, I pray for a God’s-eye view: Lord, help me see things your way.

The other day I was looking out my window down at someone parallel parking. I could see the man back in to the space, bumping up against the curb, then pull forward, turn his wheel again and bump up to the car behind. He pulled forward and then backed up next to the space just to see if he could fit.

“There’s plenty of room,” I wanted to shout. His window was closed and I’m not sure he would have heard me. I opened my window and called out. No response. “Keep the steering wheel straight. Back up. OK, now! Turn now!” I wanted to say.

He finally gave up and drove off.

I closed the window. It must be so obvious to God, like me looking down at that guy trying to park. The problems are probably not so big if you can see them God’s way. The curbs that I bump against, the anxiety that holds me back, perhaps the willingness to give up too soon, all of that must be obvious.

If you’ve ever parallel-parked, you probably know that the most important thing is how you position yourself before you ever turn the steering wheel.

“I’m ready to try again, God,” I’ll say. “Just help me make sure I’m headed the right way.”

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