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Daily Prayer Inspiration

A way to generate prayers based on the first initial of each day of the week

A new way to pray according to the day of the week.

A friend of mine, Kylee Racioppa, posted a great prayer idea recently online:

“Asked God what I could do to challenge myself this week in areas in my life and for each day this week I’m going to pray for 4 adjectives of the letter of the day of the week! Wanted to share if anyone else is struggling or just for hope! Monday I wrote – More time, Money, Motivation, and Made! More time for me to spend more time with him, it’s what we are called to do, it’s the only thing that matters! To make sure I take my time to spend with him, first fruits in TIME. Honor him with your Time and he will honor you with more time!!! And to trust in his TIME!! Romans 12:2! Money was a huge one for me, trusting in him that he will provide, DUH KYLEE HE WILL PROVIDE! He’s a good Father. To trust in my tithe, it’s a promise! Malachi 3:10 Remember that money is the root of all evil but knowing Satan doesn’t want your money, he wants your MIND!!! Which leads me to MOTIVATION! Motivation to strive, motivation to succeed, motivation to Read his word, Motivation for my MIND!!! Mind, body, and soul belongs to my King and for that I should always be motivated. I am not my own anymore, I am His. And last one Made. . . To remember everyday that I’m MADE in his perfect Image! So I should not be afraid. That I’m a daughter of the most high and I can do all things through him! I am FEARLESS!!! I know who I am! Without him I am nothing.

“I’m excited to see where the Lord will take me during this challenge this week, to open the eyes of my heart, and to learn to TRUST IN HIM.”

I asked Kylee if I could steal her idea for this blog, and she agreed! I think it’s an inspiration, to do this every day, perhaps for a week, maybe longer, whether you plan ahead for the week’s topics (e.g., “Thanks,” “Travel,” “Time,” and “Test” on Tuesday, “Wonder,” “Wife,” “Work,” and “Willingness” on Wednesday, etc.) or wait on God each morning for the day’s “prayer initials.” Either way, it can be a fun and intriguing way to pray . . . at least initially.

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