Prayer Produces Wonderful Results

Rev. Pablo Diaz shares how you can use prayer to bring positive changes to your life.


[MUSIC PLAYING] Prayer– powerful action activity. We engage in conversation with God, whether it’s in the car, in the office, in walking along with our children or taking the dog for a walk. We converse with God. And when we talk with God, good things happen to us. Changes occur in our lives.

I’ve discovered that when I pray, I change. Not only my circumstances can change. Sometimes, they do. Sometimes, they don’t.

I pray for people. Sometimes, they change. Sometimes, they don’t change as quickly as I want them to change. But one thing I can assure you in my journey of faith and of prayer, every time I pray, I change.

I tell you why. I get spurred to energy when I pray. I get empowered with peace and a sense of calmness that comes to me when I am in the presence of God. I feel, you know, things are going to be OK. The stress is going to be reduced. I feel the calmness of God in my life.

Two, I get creative when I pray. My– my mind gets new ideas and new energy, new thoughts. I see the problems as opportunities and possibilities. I look at my circumstances through different eyes because prayer changes me. And when it changes me, it changes the way I see things.

Prayer also makes me grateful. After I’m praying for a while, talking to God about a situation, I become joyful because I remember all the blessings God has given me. Prayer reminds me that God has been with me in the past, God is with me in the present, and God will be with me in the future. It brings me gratitude. I become joyful and grateful for what God has done for me.

As you can tell, prayer is life-changing. It might not change everybody else around me. It might not change my circumstances the way I want them to be.

But I can tell you one thing. Whenever I’m in the presence of God, I’m never the same. Prayer changes me.


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