A Message of Hope from Debbie Macomber: God’s Got This

The best-selling author and friend to Guideposts reminds us, via the words of the Lord’s Prayer, that is God is in charge, that he is with us through the most difficult of times.


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Hello to my Guideposts family, Debbie Macomber here.

Here I am, sitting in my gazebo at home, like so many others of us are. At home. And it’s a good time to be home. It’s beautiful, the sun is out, I can be outside. There is hope in the air.

Every morning when I get up, I recite the Lord’s Prayer. And the part that really has struck me has been “deliver us from evil.” When I think about this pandemic, I feel like there is evil in our world, but the next line is, “for God is the kingdom and the glory and the power.”

Our God has got this. He’s taking care of us. And He loves and supports each one of us through these times. God bless you.

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