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Prayers for when you're impatient

Instead of being frustrated about a delay or interruption, invite God to fill the time.

When it comes to prayer, one word can be a powerful way to cope with whatever life throws your way.

When you barely have time to think, one of these words can make a powerful difference.

Hymn Society members cast their votes for the greatest hymn of all time. Here’s the result.

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When you are feeling fearful, these verses from the Bible will bring comfort and ease.

If a trip is in your plans over the holidays, here’s how to ask for God’s protection.

Whether you know it as Veterans Day or Remembrance Day, it’s a reminder to pray for peace.

These open-ended prayers offer unexpected blessings from God.

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The Bible is filled with doxologies, and they can all be added to your prayer life.

In a season of giving thanks for what you have, don’t forget to give praise for what God offers.

Can’t sleep? It could be related to your prayer life. Here are some prayers that offer comfort and rest.

Music is the key that opens our hearts and mouths in this important part of prayer.

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