Daily Devotion

The Faith to Overcome Fear

Lately, Jesus has been challenging my fears. I have a lot of them. read more

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When fresh snow is like having a pure heart.

Meditations on Snow and Having a Pure Heart

When our hearts glisten like new fallen snow, we reflect His light.

How to pray daily affirmations, not just when you're full of worry or stress.

Pray Daily Affirmations

Praying only when we are worried, fearful, sad or stressed can be dangerous.

Guideposts: Ida B Wells, James Baldwin, Zora Neale Hurston

Black History Month: Inspiring Quotes

Join with Guideposts as we celebrate the invaluable contributions of black Americans in a wide range of fields of endeavor, including science, literature, social work, politics and sports.

How to pray for God's will in your life.

Praying for God’s Will in Your Life

When your purpose aligns with His will, then you can live up to your greatest potential.

Guideposts: A jolly snowman with a woolen scarf and cap and a carrot for a nose

Ten Things to Love About Winter

From hot chocolate to snow angels and fireplace popcorn, enjoy these simple pleasures of the winter season!

Guideposts: Misty Copeland, principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre

Misty Copeland on Pursuing Your Dreams

Misty Copeland, Guideposts' February 2016 cover star, was the first African-American woman to be named principal dancer for the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. Watch our video interview with Misty as she reflects on the pursuit of her dreams, the importance of mentors, and what she'd like her legacy to be. --Brooke Obie

Statue of St. Bernadette at the grotto near Lourdes and the miracle story of the winds.

The Miraculous Story of St. Bernadette of Lourdes

St. Bernadette's visions in Lourdes, France, show how God “makes winds His messengers."

Celebrating typewriter artist Paul Smith and his inspirational story.

Typewriter Artist: The Inspiring Story of Paul Smith

Against all odds, a man of incredible genius and faith thrives creatively.

Finding grace in the short, cold days of winter.

Finding Grace in Winter

Yes, there are positive elements to this season of short, cold days!