Angels & Miracles

During hard times, such as parenting challenges, marital problems, illness, or financial struggles, we can all draw on deep sources of comfort and hope to help guide us forward.

He was stuck in Italy, but divine intervention helped him get home to his family.

The piece of jewelry helped her focus on her favorite psalm.

Diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, he basked in the beauty of God’s natural world and always found something to appreciate.

He lost the Taekwondo match, but these two godsends knew exactly what to say to help him move forward.

She was in a loveless marriage and battling depression, until an NDE showed her God’s unconditional love.

After she crossed over to the heavenly realm, she was greeted with a deep love that made her purpose in life clear.

These inspiring firsthand accounts of heaven shed light on the peace, glory and love that awaits us in the afterlife.

After his own close brush with death, an author seeks to understand life after death.

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