Prayer stories nurture faith and renew hope. The power of prayer can’t be denied. Prayer can change circumstances or change perspectives, transforming lives and strengthening faith. Anyone who has ever experienced an answered prayer knows that every prayer story is a chance to move forward in your faith journey, relationships, career, or health.

It’s the season for everyone—not just those who can celebrate with family and friends.

Something is coming. Something big—bigger than we could ever guess.

The warmth, the flickering, even the fragrance can prompt prayers throughout your day.

A closer look at the Magnificat, as we prepare for Christ’s birth

If you or a loved one are in recovery we hope you’ll find inspiration, encouragement and comfort with these true stories, prayers, Bible verses and quotations to help with recovery from addiction.

Dealing with family issues like divorce or parenting problems can sometimes feel overwhelming. Let these stories and resources help you on the journey.

Coping with depression is tough. We hope these resources and tips can help ease your struggle and provide comfort in times of need.

Coping with anxiety means facing your fears and connecting with a source of inner peace. To find anxiety help, inspirational words and stories can make dealing with anxiety an accessible, achievable process.

Emotional strength is a force to be reckoned with. That power will push you into finding your true strength during tough times. Have faith that finding strength will uphold your well-being – physically and mentally.

Finding inner peace can be a continuous quest. The path to achieving that tranquil state of mind comes with practice as you continue to find peace by noticing sources of tranquility. By taking note of these small reposes, you can be hopeful on how to get peace.

Personal finance often is a source of stress in life. These tips, personal stories and resources will help you release your financial worries and lead you to a life of abundance and prosperity

Life’s challenges and hard times may make it difficult to find hope. These uplifting articles, tips and resources can be an important step in helping you cultivate hope in your life.

Few challenges are more daunting than those that require healing, whether they’re of a physical, spiritual or emotional nature. Use these resources to facilitate your own healing and to guide you in helping others heal as well.

We all experience times when happiness seems out of reach, but even then, being happy is a worthy pursuit. Find insights and wisdom from inspiring authors and thinkers, scripture and prayers that can help you reach this goal.

Caregiver stress is a universal experience for those who step up to care for the well-being of a loved one. Let caregiver support practices relieve your stress–with the right strategies, caregiver help is on the way.

During your cancer journey, be comforted and encouraged by these tips, prayers and inspiring words for dealing with cancer.


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Forgiveness takes work. Here’s how we, with God’s help, can make it happen.

This evergreen prayer for peace and unity, spoken by astronaut Frank Borman in 1968 while orbiting the moon, still holds true to this day.

Are you faced with making more decisions now than ever? Here is scriptural guidance for wisdom.

With all the challenges and complications of opening schools, here are words of comfort and encouragement.

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The Bible’s most well-known and oft-repeated benediction can touch lives throughout the day.

A first-time grandfather ponders his deepest wishes and hopes for his grandson.

Volunteers knit and crochet for the loved ones of fallen soldiers.

When it comes to death, an aging parent requests that it be a “direct flight.”

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