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‘Miracles Do Happen,’ an Inspiring New Book from Guideposts

Listen as Ty’Ann Brown shares how Miracles Do Happen from Guideposts Books can strengthen your faith and give you a whole new outlook on the ways that God can—and does—work wonders in your life.


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He does great things too marvelous to understand. He performs countless miracles.

In a world of skepticism and realism, sometimes we catch a glimpse of something we can’t define, something we cannot explain. God works his wonders every day. We are awed by his split-second timing that changes our lives. These moments are just coincidence, some people say. But coincidence just might be God’s middle name.

So when can you expect a miracle?

Only God can determine the timing, but if you want to see more miracles in your life, consider these thoughts. Become more acquainted with the God of miracles. Read the Bible, pray. He promises that as we search for him with all our whole hearts, we will find him.

How often do you actually look for evidence of God’s hand at work in your life?

Remember how your tax refund came just in time to pay that bill you were worried about? Was that luck, or could that have been God? As we train ourselves to see God’s hand at work in our lives, our spiritual eyes will be strengthened to see even more of his works.

But how do you pray for miracles?

Passionately. Pour out your heart to God. Positively. Pray as if you know and believe God can answer. Persistently. Don’t give up. Precisely. Tell God exactly what you’d like for him to do.

Do I deserve a miracle?

Sometimes, we think, why would God provide miracles for me when others need them so much more? Don’t let your inner voice whisper words of failure and defeat. God provides miracles simply because of His overwhelming love for us. Miracles happen to people like you and me the moment we dare to believe.

Begin to see the miracles in your life with Miracles Do Happen. This remarkable book will help you feel God’s presence with 101 miraculous true stories and tips for experiencing miracles in your own life.

You’ll discover the four essential steps to take when praying for a miracle, tips for seeking your own miracles, prayers to bring your innermost desires to God, why believing you deserve a miracle is so important, how to find evidence of God in your everyday life.

Miracles Do Happen will take your breath away through true stories of his angels, astounding miracles, and remarkable answers to prayers, and then prepare yourself, for miracles can happen to you.

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