Angels dwell in so many places. Of course there are angels in the Bible, working miracles and representing God’s grace to the world. Heaven is another dwelling place for angels, a place where they shine their blessings down upon us with love.

Illustration by John Jay Cabuay

During two separate childhood incidents, a mysterious, heaven-sent angel appeared to save her life.

She had lost all confidence while going through a tumultuous divorce. Then a heaven-sent guardian appeared.

The handwritten note was as comforting and reassuring as an angel’s wing.

He needed a jolt of energy while driving on the family’s long road trip. The solution had the family buzzing for years.

Was the yellow-striped cat bringing a message from her husband who had recently died of a heart attack?

Her late father gave her a comforting glimpse of life after death.

With her supermom’s toolbox—and the help of everyday angels around her—she felt confident and grateful.  

The student pastor was worried about paying his bills. Then two earth angels provided heaven-sent reassurance.

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The hiking group had gotten lost in the Appalachian Mountains. Then a mysterious man saved the day.

She longed for reassurance from above. Then she started seeing mermaid images everywhere.

Whether it’s a heavenly reminder or an earth angel playing Santa, these reassuring accounts are nothing short of angelic.

Who was the mysterious angel who appeared when her dad was all alone? 

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