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The social media star shares how both her mother and her mother-in-law influenced her family’s holiday celebrations.

The cookbook author and social media star shares a recipe for a tasty treat that is a Christmas tradition in her family.

Celebrate Jesus’ birth and enjoy the Christmas story as told through Bible verses and detailed illustrations from award-winning Puerto Rican illustrator Raul Colon.

The longtime Guideposts contributor and friend passed away at the age of 104.

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Along with the flashlights, extra batteries, water and canned food, trust in God was key.

Now a grandfather, Rick Hamlin reflects on how faith played an important role during Christmas time with his kids.

Learn from a therapist couple on how to face the everyday challenges that come with step-parenting, divorce, and new marriages in blended families.

Here’s motivation to help you to get up and do a good turn today.

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Tips for finding time each day to get quiet and truly connect with God

A Jewish prayer gives us space to mourn and speak words of praise and affirmation at the same time.

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