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You Need the Lord’s Strength

The one who strengthens us to have victories in our lives is Christ. He is the source of all our strength.

Prayer blogger Peola Hicks

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

We used this scripture in a recent Monday-morning staff Prayer Fellowship, where we share answered prayer and pray for others.

Each time I have read or discussed this scripture, my focus has been on gaining strength, but I have to admit that sometimes I have still felt weak. I am not talking about physical weakness, but rather the inability to accomplish assignments and responsibilities ahead of me. But as I change focus from me and what I lack to the One who has the ability to supply everything I need, I have felt a lot more confident and strengthened. This leads to contentment.

Contentment is not based on circumstances. It is based on knowing that there is a constant inexhaustible source that I can draw from. None of us can escape the challenges of life; neither can we put our heads in the sand and wait until the storms pass over. I think a better way is to live life to its fullest, knowing that a full life would not be complete without battles to fight and victories to win. It is like understanding that a full 24-hour day includes both light and dark. A day would not be complete otherwise.

The one who strengthens us to have victories in our lives is Christ. He is the source of all our strength. He never grows tired or weary and is cheering us on to accomplish great things with the gifts and talents he has provided. I am sure the things we face on our mission in life come as no surprise to him. I believe that he is waiting to supply the strength and ability we need. It is a pity for him to watch us struggle because we simply won’t ask for strength. I have watched people who needed help and just would not ask for it. That does not work for me.

Prayer Point: If you are going to accomplish anything great in your life, you need the Lord’s strength. Consider that he is waiting to hear your voice asking him to provide it for you. Pray today, without delay, and watch what God will do.

God bless you!

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