Faith can be hard to describe. Quotes about faith not only put your spiritual convictions into words, they also inspire you to return to your core beliefs during times of both challenge and victory. Let inspiring faith quotes guide your life to where you want it to be.

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Latest Faith Quotes

When I stopped seeing God solely as a soother, easer of burdens, eraser of discomfort, I started to trust him more in the valleys. Because God walks with us: not running ahead, clearing away thorny branches... With us. Present. Sometimes in silence. Always with love.

Nichole Nordeman, Singer

Today is God's gift to me. What I do with it is my gift to God.

Loretta Wadsworth, Guideposts reader from Plainville, Indiana

Dear God, thank you for not allowing me to become who I would've been if it was left up to me.

Nicole Notare

When there are no words, God still hears.

Chas Hathaway, Musician

God always has a bigger purpose for us than we have for ourselves.

Jordan Lee Dooley, Author

Dear God, be good to me; the sea is so wide, and my boat is so small.

prayer of Breton fisherman

Wise men still seek him.

Sign seen on the Etsy website

Even when we can't understand God's ways, we can trust his heart. And that trust—the surety of his unfailing love—brings us peace, rest, contentment.

Elizabeth Laing Thompson, in her book 'When God Says Go'

God is always personal but never private.

Jim Wallis, Founder and president of Soujourners, a social justice organization

I believe that without God I am nobody, but that with God, I can do anything.

Dolly Parton, Singer
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