Everyone has fears they try to overcome. Quotes about fear can stave off the feeling that you’re the only one challenged by fear. Fear quotes can also inspire you that you have the fortitude and ability to conquer your fear. Inspiring fear quotes can point you in the direction of healthy management of fear and anxiety.

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Latest Fear Quotes

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones.

John Cage, composer

Fear might not mean 'stop'; I've come to believe fear usually means 'go.' It always means 'listen closely'.

environmentalist Frances Moore Lappé

We don't live in our fears. We live in our hopes.

Mike Tomlin, NFL head coach

Fear of recognizing and confronting our problems and our dreams honestly is the greatest obstacle to change.

Edward Grinnan, Author, The Promise of Hope

Fear will always knock on your door. Just don't invite it in for dinner. And for heaven's sake, don't offer it a bed for the night.

Max Lucado, Imagine Your Life Without Fear

If you don't ask, it's an automatic no.

Guideposts reader Margaret Spittle Agard

My mama taught me that anything worth doing in life should be a little scary.

Terry McMillan, Author

Obstacles are fears that need to be transformed. When you have successfully released and transformed them, you are one step closer to your dream.

Aleta St. James, Author

Confidence comes from not always being right—but not fearing being wrong.

Guideposts reader Jody Antonsen of Platte, South Dakota

Many of us fear failure to the point of being willing to settle for one of the truest forms of failure—not trying at all.

Nicole LaBeach, Ph.D., Faithful Central Bible Church Counseling Center, Los Angeles, California
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