Teamwork is central to success in school, sports, work, and families. Quotes about teamwork can bring a group together around a common purpose. A teamwork quote articulates in a succinct way the value of collaboration and connection. Let teamwork quotes serve as guides for teambuilding exercises and other steps toward making efficient, productive, successful teams wherever your life takes you.

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Latest Teamwork Quotes

You’ll never catch me bragging about goals, but I’ll talk all you want about my assists.

Wayne Gretzky, Former professional hockey player

If we’re able to identify our own ignorance, we can identify someone else’s expertise. We learn how to listen to each other. And that is the foundation of human understanding.

Ted Koppel, Journalist

God will move mountains if you bring the shovel.

Pat Irving, Guideposts reader, Lexington, Virginia

Competing is hard work. Collaborating—racing your own race, together—can feel like flying.

Robert K. Cooper, Author

We knew what it was like to go without a lot of things, but we didn’t mind, because we were going without those things together.

Ruth Riley, Professional basketball player

To say, 'My fate is not tied to your fate' is like saying, 'Your end of the boat is sinking.'

Hugh Downs, veteran radio and television broadcaster
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