Service Animals

Service animals bring gifts of safety and comfort to their owners. Dog service animals also give their owners the ability to move through their lives in ways that would otherwise be daunting, if not impossible. Whether it’s dogs or cat service animals in your life, these creatures are to be treasured for their generous, loving hearts.

Craig (left) tells the whole story of this Maine State Prison program

As a prison guard he looked down on the veteran inmates. But then he learned how working with the dogs had changed them—and him.

She struggled with Covid-19 protocols—the closed businesses, wearing a mask—but her service dog and faith helped her cope.

She’d trained Ernest as a therapy dog, but now she needed his help with her anxiety.

Therapy dogs can help lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety for people in settings like schools and hospitals. 

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Peggy Frezon shares how she came to be inspired to train therapy dogs and offers tips on how to deal with anxiety.

Christy Gardner, who was injured while on active duty overseas, shares how she came to be paired with her service dog and the vital role that Moxie plays in her life.

These animals have a job to do. 

She wanted to rescue the dog that had comforted her husband while he served in Afghanistan, but how could a college student possibly raise the necessary money?

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The smart and social rodents comfort seniors and students alike. 

She feared she was not up to raising a special-needs child, but a heaven-sent Aussiedoodle puppy stepped up to lend a hand.

Rachel Webb Turner shares how bringing a dog into her home enabled her son Wesley, who has autism, to connect with the world around him.

Spencer Pickell discusses the role his dog, Moon, played in Spencer’s long and difficult recovery from a brain hemorrhage.

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In our print series “A Therapy Dog’s Journey,” columnist Peggy Frezon takes All Creatures readers along as her golden retriever Petey trains to become a certified therapy dog. Check out this video of the playful pup working on his skills in training class. Will he eventually pass the test?

Meet Rufus, the 2006 Westminster Kennel Club  “Best in Show” winner who has a new job, helping children in a big way.

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