Chronic Illness Stories

Chronic illness may affect not just physical health but emotional health too. Fortunately, there are many resources available to those who live with illness. Knowing your limits, understanding your condition, and connecting with a support network are helpful techniques when coping with illness. A combination of practical techniques and learning from others’ inspiring stories can ease the process of dealing with illness.

Edward Grinnan

After a beloved wife’s decision, rejecting shame and embracing honesty

In this story from January 2003, musician and author Naomi Judd recalls how faith led her to a successful career and helped her cope with a hepatitis C diagnosis.

Discover how these positive people are seeing the blessings of every day while living with this progressive neurologic disorder.

Roberta Messner shares how the support and encouragement of others—and the gratitude it engendered—helped her cope with chronic pain.

Through the turmoil of a week-long hospital stay, thoughts on suffering, trust and comfort.

He gave God all the credit for his healing. Twelve years later, why was he sick again?

Author Cliff Shiepe shares the lessons he’s learned from health challenges he’s experienced since sharing his story with Guideposts in 2012.

She tried to ignore her RA diagnosis, but God reached out to her through the people who cared for her.

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Covid-19 ‘Long Haulers’ can manage lingering effects of the virus by listening to their bodies, creating rituals and more.

In a story that first appeared in the February 1994 issue of Guideposts, we remember the hemophiliac teenager’s amazing legacy. Plus an update from his mother.

God had been with him his whole life, in and out of the boxing ring. Could He help him cope with this devastating illness?

She feared a COPD diagnosis was the end of an active life, but it was just the beginning.

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