Living Longer, Living Better

Living longer is both a goal and a reality for many people these days. But we all know that living better is just as important as living longer. Make longer living better living by staying connected to your community, being mindful of your physical and emotional health, and engaging your mind in positive, productive tasks each day.

Positive aging

New research connects how we feel about aging with health risks in later years.

Soak up this summer knowing you’re protected from head to toe.

Accepting that she relied on sweets made her view her love of them differently.

Start with these “4 Cs” to set yourself up for slumber success.

This vibrant green vegetable is a spring delight.

For cardiac patients, here’s an invaluable gift.

From safety to beauty, there’s no reason not to protect your face from winter’s cool but powerful rays.

Social interactions are crucial to our health and happiness, especially during this season.

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Each day, finding another chance to grow in faith through love and trust

Apparently, a sweet tooth can cause more than cavities.

Eating fresh, nutrient-rich food doesn’t need to mean spending more at the grocery store.

Positive risks are those that do not endanger our safety but urge us to step outside of our comfort zones.

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