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7 Inspiring Sky Angels of Hope

We hope these photos of angels from above comfort you and give you hope.

We hope these photos of angels from above comfort you and give you hope.

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An angel in the sky.

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Sky Angel

I was a passenger in the car and was thinking of my mother-in-law who was recovering from open heart surgery as well as my dad who was going in for some eye surgery and sort of praying unconsciously.  I have been so anxious with the extra threat of Covid-19 for my parents and Paul’s parents health and well-being.  I looked up to sky as we were sitting on top of a hill at this long traffic light. The sky was so pretty with the sun getting ready to set in the clouds that I took a picture and then looked it on my phone and had my answer that the angels are there looking down on us. I felt very uplifted and peaceful after that and just smiled as we made our way home.  —Sandra Jean Mary O’Connell, New Hampshire

Darla Deupree's angel on high

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Angel on High

“Look, mom, an angel!” What? I thought, straightening up and wiping the dirt from my hands. The year was 1996, and my husband and I had decided to do some afternoon yard work. Our son, Dustin, who was six years old at the time, had offered to help. “Where? Where do you see an angel?” I asked him patiently. Dustin pointed up at the sky. I followed his finger, tilting my head up to look where he was pointing—and gasped. He was right!—Darla Deupree, Greenwood, Indiana

A cloud that resembles a feathery angel's wing

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An Angel Feather

At my mother’s yesterday, we decided to sit outside to soak up some sunshine. I wanted to enjoy every minute I had left with her. We got to talking about how much God loves us. “If he cares for every little bird, just think how much he cares for us,” I said. “He even knows the number of hairs on our heads!” Mom looked at me and nodded. “And every feather counted!” she said, pointing to the sky. I looked up, and this is what I saw.—Mary Whitney, Leavittsburgh, Ohio

Guideposts: An angel appears in the clouds at twilight over Northport, Alabama

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Northport Angel

The sun was setting over Wildcat Stadium, where my son’s football team was playing their last game of the season. I hoped it could end on a high note. On the road, my newly licensed daughter was driving to a student ambassadors event. Both kids need your attention tonight, Lord, I thought, looking up. That’s when my dad pointed out this angel above us in the clouds. My daughter arrived safe, and my son was victorious.—Melinda Lake, Northport, Alabama

Guideposts: An angel's form appears in the northern lights over Saskatchewan, Canada

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Anglin Lake Angel

Anglin Lake in Canada is a favorite place to vacation for my husband and me. Most people wait until summer to visit, but we go later in the year, when the days are cold and peaceful. One night, with the place all to ourselves, we set up a few lawn chairs in a clearing to watch the aurora borealis—the northern lights. That’s when this angel suddenly rose up among the stars. And we were right there to see it!—Tami Zurakowski, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

The angel over the water that comforted Allison Churchill

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Angel of Encouragement

Things were feeling a little hopeless after I got my master’s in journalism at NYU. Months of searching, and I wasn’t any closer to landing my dream job. I took a weekend trip to the beach to clear my head. While wandering the boardwalk, I spotted this angel over the water. I knew it was a sign for me to keep at it. And a month later, I did find my dream job–here at Guideposts! —Allison Churchill, contributing editor

Sharpless 2-106, the angel-shaped nebula

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Space Angel

“Space—the final frontier,” they call it on Star Trek. Recently I was exploring space right from my home computer. A few clicks brought me to Sharpless 2-106, the angel-shaped nebula. The orbiting ring of dust and gas forms the angel body. The wings are created by the heat emanating from the large, young star at the center. Space may be earth’s final frontier, but I was reminded of the heavens beyond that waited unexplored.—Kelly Gallagher, Middletown, New York

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