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A Morning Angel Sighting

A new job, a new commute to work, a new angel.

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Today’s guest blogger is Kaylin Kaupish.

I used to work at an office in midtown Manhattan. Every day I took the L train from my quiet Brooklyn neighborhood to the busy city streets. Walking to the subway in the morning was one of the best parts of my day—the sun just rising, neighbors saying “good morning,” bodegas opening their metal shutters for customers. One of my favorite parts was walking by an angel statue that sat on the wall of a house on my block. I saw it every day, and it always put a smile on my face. 

When I got a job at Angels on Earth, I was overjoyed! I had moved to New York to find a writing job, and I finally had one. But the new job meant a new commute, and now I needed to take the J train, which meant I walked a different way. The commute time was shorter (a real New York blessing), but now I wouldn’t see the angel statue every day. Oh well, I thought. I’m used to change

On my first day of work, I woke up super early. I couldn’t find the right outfit to wear. I checked how to get to the office three times. I was a mess! Why am I so anxious? I thought. This is my dream job. Maybe I wasn’t as used to change as I thought.

I forced myself to pick an outfit and headed out the door. I was walking to the J train so quickly that I forgot to enjoy my favorite part of the day. Only a block from my apartment, something caught my eye. Another angel statue! This one put a smile on my face as well. I continued on my way and made sure to enjoy the walk. The new angel may look different than the other one, but I will get used to the change—I still get an angel sighting every day.

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