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Everyday Angels: Rainy Day Angel

Angels on Earth editor-in-chief Colleen Hughes tells a story about a mysterious man who gives a rain-soaked woman an umbrella she’ll always keep.


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Hi. I’m Colleen Hughes, editor in chief of Angels on Earth with a true story of an everyday angel from Rita S. Williams of Richmond Hill, New York. Angels come to us every day, as a neighbor, an unexpected rescuer, a kind stranger, or a loyal pet. Listen now to a story of just such an everyday angel. 

Rita had a terrible cold and was on her way to the doctor. As she stepped off the train, it started to pour. She had no umbrella. The worst thing she could do was to walk in that downpour. She stood alone on the platform, achy and weak, wondering what she should do. Just then, a man dressed all in brown appeared and handed her a brown umbrella. 

She popped it open and looked up to say thanks. The man had vanished. There was no place he could have ducked, no post he could have hidden behind. Rita has given away several umbrellas since, but she keeps the brown one to remind her of her rainy day angel.

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