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Our Own Earth Angels

I’m looking forward to this weekend with Guideposts’ very own earth angels: our workshoppers.

Angels on Earth blogger Colleen Hughes

This weekend will find me in Rye, New York, with a dozen of our most industrious Guideposts workshoppers. They are contributors who live all over the U.S. and help us find great stories from great people back in their own hometowns.

Some of these workshoppers I’ve known for more than 20 years, ever since I attended my first Guideposts Writers Workshop, when I was just starting out as an editorial assistant. Now that’s going way back!

We’ll catch up over dinner on Friday night, then spend a long, challenging and rewarding Saturday poring over manuscripts and discussing which stories would be of most help to you, and how to tell each one of those stories in the most effective and memorable way possible. Are there any unanswered questions? Do we need more of the facts? Is the storyteller painting the clearest picture possible? Believe me, it’s a lively discussion.

Of course my favorites will be the stories about angels. Heavenly angels, animal angels, Christmas angels, guardian angels, everyday angels—any of the above will do. And I will listen to them in the company of Guideposts’ earth angels, our very own workshoppers and good friends.

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