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Questions About Angels

The angel summoned up in the end of Billy Collins’ poem will dance in my mind’s eye for the rest of the day!

Angels on Earth blogger Colleen Hughes

How could this wonderful poem by former Poet Laureate Billy Collins have escaped me until now? I hope you will be amused, as I was, by “Questions About Angels.”

The angel the poet summons up in the end will dance in my mind’s eye for the rest of the day! What an illustration it would make for our magazine!

In fact, I’d also like to see what an artist would do with the line, “If an angel delivered the mail…” I can imagine a rush of wings made of white envelopes, beautiful old postage stamps flying through the air, a whistling postman coming up the sidewalk, Norman Rockwell-style…

Come to think of it, who needs an artist? Billy Collins has managed to put these happy images in my head just with his words alone.

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