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A Divine Encounter at the Bathroom Sink

You can hear God’s voice in the strangest places.

Hearing God's voice in the strangest place.

Today’s guest blog comes from writer, animal law professor and Mysterious Ways super-contributor Dana Apple. I call her a super-contributor because Dana is always sharing mysterious moments from her life with our readers on Facebook, this blog and in our magazines. She’s experienced some pretty amazing and wondrous things!

But, as I recently discovered, Dana wasn’t always so open about sharing the mysterious ways in her life. In fact, it wasn’t until a divine encounter at her bathroom sink that she decided to share, share, share.

Here’s Dana’s story…

I’ve had mysterious “experiences” my whole life. At an early age, though, I realized that most people DON’T, so I didn’t share them. 

But then something strange happened. I often use an “ask and open” technique with the Bible (I’ll ask God a question, randomly open the Bible to a page and there’s my answer). A few years ago, I kept getting “directed” repeatedly, regardless of the question, to a passage in the Old Testament that indicated I should share my miraculous and wondrous experiences, no matter how small, with others: “Write the vision; make it plain upon tablets” (Habakkuk 2:2).

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My response to this divine direction was, “No. No way. Not going to do that. People will think I’m crazy.  No. Uh-uh. NO!” But the nudge persisted. Finally, I asked God, “Why? Why should I do that?” The answer came in the New Testament passage about how much easier it is for those who have seen to believe than for those who have not seen. 

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Even with an answer, I continued to resist sharing my stories. Until one day, I was standing at the bathroom sink, and the urge whacked me again. This time, I said out loud, “I DO NOT want to do this. Do You understand me? I DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS!” 

From above and to the left came the response: “You don’t have to.”

What? I didn’t have to? You’d think I’d be relieved, happy, even ecstatic to hear this news. I wasn’t. I stood at the bathroom sink as the fundamental truth washed over me–it was my choice; God wasn’t going to make me do anything. In that moment, I was blown away by the overwhelming feeling of love that had accompanied God’s statement.

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I knew without a doubt that God would not love me one iota less if I chose not to do what He’d asked.  But the bottom line was this: if you’re pretty sure you know what God’s will is, and you know what your own will is, and you’re going to choose one or the other, you’ve got to figure God’s is better. I mean, you’re you and God is, well, God!

I chose God’s will. These days, I share my “mysterious ways” with just about everyone. And no one has called me crazy or disowned me yet! In fact, once I started sharing, a funny thing happened. Others started sharing their inexplicable experiences too.

So what are you waiting for? Share your story!

Have you ever heard a voice or felt a nudge from God? Tell us about it on Facebook or take our survey about God’s voice here.

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