One Minute with Rick Hamlin: Gratitude as Prayer

Spend a minute with Executive Editor Rick Hamlin as he explores the positive effects of gratitude.


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Hi, it’s Rick Hamlin, talking about gratitude. Gratitude’s a way to pray when you really don’t think you can pray, when it’s really tough.

I’ve had days when I felt so rotton, and you know what? Writing down the things I’m grateful — writing them down, that might feel really artificial, but write them down.

I had a wonderful lesson in gratitude right after my dad died. My mom insisted on going to the care facility where he’s been for six months. She wanted to thank every person who’d cared for him. The first thing she did when she was grieving was thanking someone.

So when you’re struggling, be grateful Write down those things that you’re grateful for. It’s an easy way to pray.

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