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The Miraculous Rescue at the Silos

Ken Byerly has become something of a celebrity in his hometown for the videos he shares online talking about the miracles in his life. This is the video that started it all.


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Hi. This is “Ken’s Ministries”. And I’m going to talk about the love of God, how He loves us so much, and He’ll do things for us. And when God talks to us, we better listen.

The first one I was going to talk about was when David was working for Delong Company. He was working for Delong company, and that was just at the edge of Clinton where he was working. And I came home from work that day—and it was payday—so I went down to the bank to put my money in the bank.

While I was sitting there in the drive-through place in the bank, Dave’s boss, Bo Delong, pulled up alongside of me in a pickup truck. He actually pulled up beside me in a pickup truck. But then I thought he said to me, “Sorry to hear about David.” And I said, “Well, what about David?” And he said, “Well, he was up on one of our silos, and he fell off of it 40 feet down to the ground and he got killed.”

I was just ready to pull out of there. I was just imagining him saying that. I thought, “What in the world am I my thinking negative thoughts like that? He’s OK, you know.”

And I pulled out. So I started to go home. And I went past Delong Company as I went by his silos out there, Delong’s silos that had corn in. I heard this still, small voice in my head that said, “Pray for David.” What in the world do I have to pray for David for? And it said, “Pray for David.” And it was very demanding. And I’m [thinking], “OK, if I’m supposed to pray for David…” As I went driving past the silos, I said, “Well Lord, you know what it’s all about, so I’m going to pray that he’ll be OK, that You’ll take care of him.” And so I never thought any more about it, and I drove ahead home.

When David got done with work, he came home. And he was getting ready to go somewhere, so he went in and took a shower. And when he got done, he come out. And he said, “Dad, I almost didn’t come home.” And I said, “Oh?” I said, “Why? What happened?” And he said, “Well, we got done with the corn and there was a bunch of chaff and stuff on top of the silo. And so Bo told me to go up there and take a two-inch fire hose and go up there and wash all the chaff off the top of the silos. It was a closed top on the silo.”

So he said, “I went on the top of the thing there. And I started to hose the thing off and the pressure from the hose pushed me back.” And he said, “I almost fell off the top of the silo, but it felt like something pushing me on my back, so that I didn’t fall off until I shut the hose off. And I went forward then. I caught myself.”

And I said, “What time was that, David?” And he said, “Well, it was about 2 o’clock when he told me to take the hose up there and everything. So I hooked up the hose and took it up there and everything. It was probably about 3 o’clock by the time I got ready to turn the water on.” And I said, “It was about 3 o’clock?” And he said, “Yep.”

I said, “I was going past there about 3 o’clock. I was driving past. And this little voice told me to pray for you. And so I prayed for you. I just said, you know, ‘Take care of David, whatever the problem.’ God told me to pray for you, so I did at about 3 o’clock. And he said, “That was just about the time that I was about to fall off of there, when I turned the water on and it pushed me back. And I shut it off then when I felt this pressure on my back holding me up there.”

And David says, “Wow—Dad, you must have saved my life.” And I said, “No, God told me to pray for you and so I prayed for you. And then He did what He had to do to save you. So He’s the one that saved you.” That was what happened with David.

So next week, I’ll tell you about Randy and how God saved him. And God talked to him too. So listen in next week. God bless.

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