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The Comfort of Psalm 23

In the face of stress and fear, God will provide food and rest.

In times of danger, stress and fear, Psalm 23 promises God's comfort of food and rst.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies… (Psalm 23:5)

The 23rd Psalm is one of the first passages of Scripture that I memorized. This short Psalm has brought comfort to those who are hurting for generations. I hear it quoted at funerals, in hospitals, and even when someone is facing financial difficulties. But in all the times I’ve heard it, it wasn’t until our son enlisted in the military that parts of it became real.

I’m assuming that most of you are like me in that you have very few people you would call true enemies. Sure, we have folks who irritate us, who are hard to get along with, who have even hurt us. But at this moment, I can’t think of a single individual that I’d apply the term “enemy” to.

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Because of that, I had overlooked the amazing provision promised in verse five of this passage, as quoted above.

There is a whole segment of our population who does have enemies. While on military deployment, these men and women are hounded by enemies seen and unseen. Yet our troops still have daily needs that must be met–food and rest.

During our son’s two deployments, I worried constantly about whether or not he was safe while resting and during meal times. Then I read this verse and really paid attention to what it said.

God promises to prepare a table for us in the presence of our enemies. This mealtime preparation includes our men and women in uniform. And what God prepares, no man can break through.

Remember that no matter where your loved ones are, God is always with them, preparing what they need.

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