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6 Ways to Be a Blessing This Easter

How to bring some joy to others on this happy day!

How to be a blessing to someone this Easter.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays—a time to reflect on a God who loved us so much that He gave His life for us. That boggles my mind.

Sweet friends, we are so blessed, and this would be a good opportunity for us to also be a blessing to someone else this Easter:

1)  Ask someone to go to church with you this Sunday.
Many churches have dramas about the Easter story or special choral presentations. It’s a great time to take a friend with you to hear the message of the Resurrection.

2)  Invite someone to Easter dinner at your house.
Holidays can be lonely when one doesn’t have family to be with, and sometimes it’s a rare treat for folks to have a home-cooked meal. (And it doesn’t have to be home-cooked. Invite someone to go with you even if you’re just going out to eat.) Share the gift of your family with someone else.

3)  Take a meal to a shut-in and spend some time with them.
Include some colorful Easter plates and napkins so the meal will be festive. If you have children, have them color some pictures to take. Free Easter coloring pages can be found on the Internet and you can print them out for your child.

4)  Fix an Easter basket for a single person or senior citizens.
They sometimes feel left out of things, especially at holiday times. Of course you could put candy in the basket, but here are some other ideas: a pot of cheery flowers that will keep on blooming, a “gift card” to mow their lawn or clean their house, a small decoration for their home or a gift card to a local restaurant.

5)  Share your bounty.
Do you know a family that’s going through difficult times financially? If you have the means, offer to take their children shopping for an Easter outfit or for some treats for an Easter basket.

6)  Share the message of Easter with family, friends and your children.
After all, that’s what Easter is really all about. Put some coins in a plastic Easter egg and then tell your children about the price that Jesus paid for us. As you dye eggs, talk about how the red eggs represent God’s sacrifice for us, the blue eggs are a reminder of the sky He made, the green eggs represent the grass He created, and the white eggs are a symbol of having a pure heart for God.

And as they enjoy their candy, talk about the sweetness of Jesus. Make the fun traditions a celebration of God’s amazing gift of love for us—His Son.

Happy Easter to all of you. I’m so grateful today for the blessing of a risen Lord . . . and for the opportunity that gives us to be a blessing to others.

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