A Message of Hope from Edward Grinnan: You’re Not Alone

Guideposts Editor in Chief Edward Grinnan, speaking from the hills of Massachusetts, reminds us that, though we may be isolated right now, we are not alone.


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Hi this is Edward Grinnan from Guideposts. I wanted to stay in touch with you because I know we’re all going through these tough days together.

Julee and I have gone out to the western hills of Massachusetts, where we have a little getaway place. We left New York City about three weeks ago. It’s been a challenge, I have to tell you, and I know many of you feel the same way.

What I’ve tried to do is to get out here in the country and take a nice hike, and get away from all the technology and all the media and all the buzz. So I grabbed ahold of Gracie—and there’s Gracie. Hi Gracie—and we hike up into the hills.

It’s where I feel most spiritually connected. I feel that the God who feels distant to me when I’m social distancing isn’t so distant.

And this is a place to get away from all of the media as well. One thing I hear over and over again is that we live in uncertain times. But we also live in certain times. Certain that a God who is protective and loving stands with us. And a God who brings us together when we’re apart will always be there for us in difficult times. And when I’m out here in the woods with Gracie, I feel connected to that message.

Hey, stay safe and I will check in with you again. Bye.

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