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Spring Devotions on the Deck

As warm, sunny days begin, a favorite place to worship God and be surrounded by His creation.

Reading devotions outside

Today is one of those gorgeous early spring days here in the mountains of North Carolina. I always love the first days of spring, but I appreciate them even more this year because we’ve had a long, cold, snowy winter.

I love worshipping God in nature. It feeds my soul, satisfying a hunger deep inside me. At home, my favorite place to have my devotions is out on the deck, surrounded by woods. I’m immersed in His handiwork, and His fingerprints are everywhere. I’m often joined by deer walking up from the meadow and mama turkeys taking their babies for a stroll across the field behind our house.

And as I play my praise and worship music, it seems that the birds are singing along as they jet to and from the bird feeder. As I dive into His Word, I often feel a soft breeze, like His presence. The tall trees are swaying gently in the wind; rabbits are hopping through the young, green blades of grass; the ants inching their way across the deck.

Sometimes afternoon storms roll in. I remember one of those awhile back. As the sky darkened and the wind picked up. I quickly grabbed my Bible and hurried to the deck, hoping I’d be able to get my worship time in before the storm arrived. This one promised to be a doozy. Outside, I watched tree limbs twist and dry leaves left from autumn whirl through the air. I saw God’s power in a way I’d never experienced before.

But today it’s sunny and warm. I will have my devotions on the deck, and my soul is skipping in excitement. Even though no storm is on tap, show me Your power, Lord. I’m sitting here in Your amazing creation, and my soul is waiting for You. 

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Ordinary Women of the Bible

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You’ll be amazed and inspired by the impact and influence these ordinary women made – and the key role they played in Scripture we celebrate today. You’ll cherish these stories for their page-turning suspense as well as their profound affect on your spiritual life.

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