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Following God’s Directions

Like a spiritual GPS, His guidance will never steer us off course.

Like a good GPS, God's directions will never throw us off course.

Sometimes I think our SUV’s GPS has a mind of its own—and not a very good mind in my opinion. That thing has taken us on some crazy trips! On one occasion, it was for an extra three-hour journey of all the back roads in South Carolina. I suspect we repeated some of them at least two or three times. Maybe four.

In other instances when we’ve been near our home, our GPS has suggested a route that we know isn’t the best way. And once when I was in a big city, the skyscrapers blocked out the signal and this country girl spent some frantic moments making turns and praying that I wouldn’t end up in scary areas.

Hear the Hush of Jesus’ Spirit

Sometimes our GPS doesn’t give us any warning that we have a turn until it’s too late to make it. And on other occasions, it’s quit giving directions just when we were at a critical point for our destination, leaving us floundering about how to get there.

There have been times when I’ve been tempted to throw it out the window. That might be hard to do since it’s built into the console. But it did make me think about something: We never have to worry that God’s Positioning System will give us bad directions.

G – We have to get in His Word.
It’s impossible to know the right directions unless we read or hear them. Everything we need is already there in God’s road map for life—and it all works perfectly as long as we follow His directions.

P – We need to pray and ask God for direction.
The Bible says that if we search for God we’ll find Him. Just as I told my sons exactly what I wanted them to do when they were little boys, God doesn’t hold back on letting us know His desires and plans for us.

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S – We need to stay close to Him.
We should listen when He tells us what He wants us to do. When we stay close to God, we can hear His whispers, and we can feel His presence.

And unlike my frustration with the GSP in our vehicle, we’ll never get wrong directions or be frustrated when we follow His directions for us. 

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. (Psalm 32:8)

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