Grandchildren illuminate and enliven the world for their grandparents. Among the many pleasures of having a grandchild is the chance to see the world as new again, discovering the world’s beauty and wonder through fresh eyes. Sharing grandchildren stories with fellow grandparents, friends, and family members is a precious gift.

We can’t begin to know what our children will become, but we can share what matters to us.

A greater understanding of why Jesus said, “Become like little children.”

We can learn so much about parenting and faith from the biblical father, who raised God’s only Son. 

A teen behavior expert shares tips for those who are having difficulty maintaining a relationship with their teenage grandchildren. 

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She had always longed to be a grandmother. Then she realized that her life could still be full of love and opportunity.  

After struggling to find a gift for her sister’s wedding, she was divinely led to one of her grandmother’s keepsakes…

When he became interested in girls, he knew just where to turn for guidance: a grandmother named Honeybunch.

Her granddaughter’s dairy allergy seemed daunting. But with a new attitude, and a little creativity, she made a memorable meal.

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Making biscuits with her three-year-old granddaughter helped her to teach patience, perseverance, perspective and more.

Chan Jae Lee, a 77-year-old Korean artist, draws whimsical pictures to keep in touch with his grandkids around the world.

Peale and his wife, Ruth, shared life lessons about family, love and faith that still resonate with their grandchildren today.

Grandparents are gifts to every family. They have a wealth of knowledge gained through their lifetime and can share with it children as they grow. They influence you as you grow up and have seen the world change. Here are ten of our favorite quotes to commemorate how special they are.

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A grandmother and her granddaughter talk about how they bonded over make-up, karaoke and positive thinking!

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