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The Lost Pass

How losing her transit pass turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

I hate to lose things because it feels like a comment on my character. Still, it happens.

On Friday, January 29, I lost my monthly commuter pass on the way into work. I’d used it on the bus that morning but couldn’t find it when it was time to show it to the train conductor. Without my monthly pass in hand, I had to pay for the ride in—those are the rules.

There were so many other things I would have preferred to spend that $13 on. Besides, my train ticket was tucked in a really nice leather card carrier given to me by an old friend. And tucked in with the ticket were school pictures of my daughters from every year since preschool. Those were irreplaceable. And then there was the expensive train ride home I’d have to pay for, too.

I stuck the receipt in my wallet. At least I hadn’t lost that, with my driver’s license, credit cards, etc. And it was the last day I’d need my January ticket. My new February ticket (safe on my desk at home) would go into effect on Monday. If I had to lose my January ticket, I guessed there was no better day for it! I counted my blessings till the train pulled into Grand Central Station.

On my walk through I passed the Customer Service window and stopped to tell my story. Was there anything I could do? “You seem like a nice person,” the man said. “Give me a minute.” He stamped something official, dated and signed it—a free train ride home! “Sorry I can’t help with those pictures,” he said.

At work I called the bus company, a real long shot considering there were hundreds of lines running all over the county and who knew where I’d even dropped my ticket. “I’m glad you called,” the bus man said. “You got some cute kids. Tell me what bus you’ll be on tomorrow, and I’ll get the card carrier to the driver.”

The world seemed to be full of caring, helpful people. Maybe losing something can be a blessing. And a positive comment on my character that I’d recognized it.

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Colleen Hughes is the editor-in-chief of ANGELS ON EARTH magazine, a GUIDEPOSTS publication. She’s been at GUIDEPOSTS for 20 plus years, and lives in a Hudson River town with her two daughters and two cats.

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