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Katie Brown’s DIY Sea-Glass Tableware

The author and lifestyle expert shares how you can quickly and easily bring the beauty of sea glass into your home, even if you’re fully landlocked.


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Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nature is too thin a screen, the glory of the omnipresent God bursts through everywhere.”

And I was running errands like a crazy person, like all moms do and…

Sea glass to me is like so summery and so lazy-hazy.

I had a list a mile long, I had my two girls in the back seat, I was driving along our main street in town, and our main street in town kind of parallels the beautiful Lake Michigan, and I was moving…

I love to think about these pieces of glass maturing in the lakes and the oceans and turning the great greens, and the great blues that they become.

And all of a sudden, as I’m making my way around the lake, and around the town, my little daughter shouted out, “Who poured that?”

I just think they’re magical.

Who poured that? And kind of without missing a beat, I said, “God did.” And I’m happy to say, at that very moment, my girls just carried on. They carried on as if they accepted that answer. They had enough faith in them to understand that, yeah, God did. No more questions, no more answers, just trusting the faith that God is a master.

I love the thought they’ve been out in the water, kind of maturing and turning into these beautiful shards of glass, and you bring it in and you bring it into your house and you do different things with it.

Well, now, even if you can’t get to a lake or an ocean, you can still have the beauty of sea glass right in your home. All you got to do is buy a couple of cans of sea glass paint and voila. You can spray almost anything with these great sea foamy colors.

To get started with this project, I going to take a couple of pieces of paper and some painter’s tape, and decide where I want my sea foam color to go. Let me hold that halfway up. And that way the paper and the tape is going to act as kind of my stencil. So that the sea foam color will just be on this part of the bottle. And now it’s just easy, I’ve shaken and spray it.

In all my hairy, crazy, errand-running, bad motherhood, I thought, ‘A-ha! Thank you God, I needed that!’ Because in that moment, I realized that even as a busy working mom, I had instilled in my girls enough faith, enough history in their belief in God To not question that answer.

I felt pretty good about that. And He basically gave me a high five, that I was doing okay as a mom. Yep, that day God poured a little more faith in me. How will you find God today? So that God can pour a little more faith into you.

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