How to Pray

Hurricane Ian slams into Florida. Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images.

Along with the flashlights, extra batteries, water and canned food, trust in God was key.

Ways to remember the truth and beauty in what God tells us

Offering a brief blessing to a friend or stranger can have a profound effect.

Studies show that consistent prayer habits are good for your health.

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We never have to hold back or check ourselves when talking to God.

Whether your job is draining or fulfilling, these words will ease you through the week.

An old family tradition inspires another path to prayer while connecting with others.

Jesus made sure that when we pray, we join others in a community of faith.

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Here are five indispensable things it can do for us.

Adding a spiritual twist to a technique that helps ease stress and anxiety.

Tips to bring your attention back to prayer and reclaim your time with God.

Has a fragrance or aroma ever triggered an emotional response? Use that power when you pray.

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Guideposts Executive Editor Rick Hamlin, author of the new book Prayer Works, reminds us that we can pray anywhere, at any time, and reveals that his personal call to prayer is the roar of the subway trains during his morning commute in New York City.

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