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A Prayer for Lost Things

As we pray for things lost, let’s rejoice in things discovered.

Lost wallet and keys

Do you ever lose things? In the last week or so I seem to have become the absent-minded professor with a specialty in missing objects.

At first it was my passkey to the gym, then it was my money clip, then it was the keys to our home. “Do you think we’ll have get our locks changed?” I asked my wife.

“They’ll show up,” she said confidently.

“But I’ve checked EVERYWHERE,” I said. “I’ve gone through all my pockets. Checked through all my drawers.” Guess what? Turned out they were in the one drawer I didn’t check. 

As for the money clip and the missing money…that really baffled me. Had someone stolen it from me? Had I been pick-pocketed? Had it fallen out somewhere?

It was only when I was doing the laundry and taking my pants out of the washing machine that I noticed a lump in the front right pocket. I put my hand in. Ah-ha. The missing clip with the three twenties.

“I would have never suspected you of money laundering,” said a lawyer friend wryly.

I’ve now given myself three tips for dealing with Lost Things:

1)  Take a breather and a good look. Ask yourself, “Where was I today?” Search high and low. But also do a search in your head. Then…

2)  Trust. Like my wife says, lost things have a way of turning up. Just wait and trust. Heck that’s good advice for lots of things.

3)  Rejoice. Remember Jesus’s parable about the woman and the lost coin? She looked everywhere for it. When she found it she invited all her friends over to celebrate. What was lost was found.

Let me add my prayers to yours for anything that’s lost. And a few prayers for rejoicing over all that is found, including any absent-minded-professor types discovering they’re not losing their minds.

Just their keys.

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