10 Prayers You Can’t Live Without: Hi, God!

Rick Hamlin reminds us that prayer is a one-on-one conversation with God.


Hi, it’s Rick Hamlin. 10 prayers you can’t live without. 


This is the second prayer I call, “Hi, God!” Back when I was about 14 years old, the youth in our church were leading the service and I led the prayer. I walked up to the lectern in my bell-bottom bottom pants. And I just looked up, closed my eyes, said, let us pray. And I said, hi, God. I suppose there was a bit of a tremor in the congregation, wondering, what, hi, God? But prayer is conversation. 

Prayer is talking to God. You say what’s on your mind. These days, I usually start my morning prayer with a psalm. I read from this little book, a couple versus, then I close my eyes and I say, hi, God. And quite frankly, I have to start out with what’s on my mind. My family, my finances, my job, my friends, then I pray for other people. But I say what’s on my mind. 

When you say, hi, God, and get in the practice of it enough, you get the sense that God is saying, hi, right back to you. At the end of that service– back when I was 14 years old– at the end of it, a lady came up to me. She was an older lady. She’s probably about my age now. But she said, “I know exactly what you mean. Prayer for me is conversation, too.” Hi, God. 


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