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What Prayer Can Do: Looking for Eddie

Having lost her two dogs, she wondered if she had room in her heart for another pooch.

A Jack Russell Terrier

Dogs had always brought joy to my life. But losing my two schnauzers to illness within a year of each other was too painful.

I can’t go through that again, I thought one night as I flipped through the TV channels: detectives investigating a gruesome murder, lawyers arguing in court, doctors saving a life in a hospital…what was that? I flipped the channel back to the show I’d just passed.

An adorable little dog with bright brown eyes was seated on a couch, looking as if he understood everything the man next to him was saying. By the end of the scene I was laughing out loud at his antics.

I checked the listings. The show was Frasier, but as far as I was concerned it was all about Eddie the dog. I became a regular viewer. If I could have a dog like Eddie, I thought, I’d be able to open my heart again.

Of course, there wasn’t much chance of me getting a dog like Eddie. I didn’t even know what kind of dog he was. Some fancy Hollywood purebred, no doubt, and I couldn’t afford that. But I could hope and pray.

God, please find me a dog like Eddie. I knew it was a silly prayer. I mean, who asked God for a dog like they saw on TV? Still, week after week I repeated my prayer: Please find me a dog like Eddie.

Then one evening I spotted an ad in the paper. “To be given away to a good home—10-month-old Jack Russell terrier.” I’d already picked up the phone when I remembered my fears. Was I really ready to get another dog? It was time to find out.

“I’ve had a lot of interest,” the man said when I called, “but you’re free to take a look.”

My doubts persisted. “I’ve never heard of a Jack Russell terrier,” I said. “What are they like?”

“Well,” the man said, “have you ever watched Frasier…?”

“I’ll be right over!” I said. “That’s my dog! I prayed for him!”

Willie lived with me for 13 and a half years. When I was ready to open my heart, God knew just the dog that would fill it with love.

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