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When We Are the Answer to Someone’s Prayer

Sometimes our plans may be interrupted because God has somebody he wants us to meet.

Joel Osteen

When your plans don’t work out, don’t get negative and sour. Don’t start complaining, “I can’t believe this is happening to me. God, I just can’t afford this delay.” God may be protecting you from an accident. How do you know God has not allowed that delay so you can meet somebody he really wants you to know? Learn to go with the flow. Don’t get upset and let minor interruptions steal your joy.

Sometimes our plans may be interrupted because God has somebody he wants us to touch or something special he wants us to do. Many times we don’t even realize such “behind the scenes” events are happening, but God is using us.

Recently, my son Jonathan and I went to one of our favorite restaurants to eat. A large party had arrived ahead of us, and the hostess informed us that we would have a 45-minute wait. We couldn’t wait that long and were disappointed, since we had really been looking forward to eating there. But we decided to take it all in stride. I told Jonathan, “Let’s go down to that little hamburger place and eat.” I hadn’t been to that hamburger place more than twice in my life. But when we went in, I noticed a well-dressed man sitting at one of the front tables; he was all by himself. As Jonathan and I passed by him, I glanced at him, nodded my head, and smiled. No big deal. We proceeded to the counter and ordered our food.

A few days later, I received a note from that man. He said that he was at one of the lowest points in his life and that he had rarely ever prayed before, but that morning he prayed, and said, “God, if you are real, show me some kind of sign.” In his letter, he wrote, “When my eyes met your eyes, something on the inside of me happened. I’ve never felt love like that before.”

Now, what is amazing to me is I didn’t feel anything at all—apart from hunger pangs. I just wanted to eat. Looking back, though, I realize God changed my plans on purpose. God interrupted my plans so that I could see that man, and in some small way, so Jonathan and I could be part of the answer to that man’s prayer. Sometimes God may lead you an entirely different way, just so you can give somebody a smile, just so you can say hello. Your very countenance can give people hope. God can cause people to look at you and see his love and compassion.

I don’t believe any of that would have happened if I had been stressed out. I doubt that I would have carried that same anointing if I had been all upset and frustrated because one of our favorite restaurants didn’t have room for us.

When you are inconvenienced, and things don’t go your way, don’t give in to the temptation to get bent out of shape. Not only is it going to cause you problems, but it also may prevent God from using you in the way he really wants to.

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