A Message of Hope from Melissa Roberson: Delighted by a Daisy

Guideposts’ blogs editor shares a sweet surprise that showed up on her doorstep one recent spring day, in the hopes that it will brighten your day, too.


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Hey everyone, it’s Melissa Roberson. I edit the bloggers for Guideposts, and I just wanted to share a nice little thing that happened to me the other day. This is kind of a reenactment.

I glanced out my front door one morning a few days ago, and this little guy was just sitting down on the steps, just like this. And I have no idea who left it, but clearly we have a little gerbera daisy angel here in the neighborhood, and it feels good.

It’s just a little thing and it feels good and it’s made me think I need to do something for someone else like this, so I just wanted to share this and bring a little spring into the picture. Bye.

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