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5 Incredible Stories of Near-Death Experiences

These inspiring firsthand accounts of heaven shed light on the peace, glory and love that awaits us in the afterlife.

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What awaits us after life on earth? Is heaven real? Those who have had near-death experiences say that heaven is unequivocally real—and it is full of unimaginable wonder. Below are accounts of heaven from people who have been there and back. These stories shed light on the incredible peace, glory, and love that we can look forward to in the afterlife. You can watch videos of these firsthand accounts of heaven, and more, on Guideposts’ Witnessing Heaven YouTube channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to stay up-to-date on the latest videos.

Don Piper’s Heavenly Experience

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Don Piper, a minister, was driving home to Alvin, Texas from a convention when he got into a terrible head-on collision with an 18-wheeler. First responders at the scene couldn’t find a pulse, and he was declared dead. But upon impact, Don had been transported somewhere else. He’d been driving one minute, and the next, he was standing in heaven. Joy pulsed through him as he became aware of a large group of his loved ones who had passed on before him, standing in front of an ornate gate. He walked towards the gate. He had no idea what lay ahead, but he felt that with each step, heaven would grow more wondrous.

Read and watch Don’s full account of his 90 minutes in heaven.

Bubba Bay’s Miraculous Encounter

While on a walk one night, Jim “Bubba” Bay slipped and fell 14 feet into a concrete culvert. His skull was cracked, and his shoulder blade, 11 ribs, and 10 vertebrae were broken. He was in absolutely excruciating pain, until a blinding light appeared, illuminating his surroundings and washing away his suffering. From the light walked a man with a kind weathered face and a long beard. He held in his arms two children…

Read and watch Bubba’s transformative encounter with God.

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Laurie Lambert’s Conversation with Angels

Navy technician Laurie Lambert was on a team-building experience kayaking through rapids, when she capsized and was flung into the freezing river. She gasped, and her lungs filled with water. She was being pushed down and couldn’t get to the surface. She was drowning. Oh God, please help me! She thought. Then she was zooming through a tunnel of pure white. She came out on the other side in an otherworldly room. Three beings stood before her, made of giant, shimmering crystal. They radiated pure love. Laurie’s fears subsided and she felt calm and comforted in their presence. The middle being said, “Before you go back, we are going to show you some things,” and opened a book of moving images.

Watch Laurie’s story and find out what she saw.

Who Mike Olsen Thanked in Heaven

During a double lung transplant, Mike Olsen’s surgeon released a clamp too soon, causing him to bleed out. He recounts being aware that he was on the operating table, with medical personnel scrambling to save him, and then being transported in a sudden burst of energy to a place of blinding white light that surrounded him and stretched on endlessly. It filled him with peace and joy. Then he saw a figure walking towards him. It was Jesus! And alongside him, someone else…

Watch Mike recount what he witnessed in heaven.

Yvonne Nachtigal’s Comfort on the Wings of an Angel

During a surgery to remove a brain tumor, Yvonne Nachtigal left her body and found herself in another realm. She was surrounded by warm, beautiful colors. While taking everything in, she realized that she had died, and was in the spiritual realm. She wasn’t upset or afraid. She was comforted by the feeling of being held by an enormous wing—the wing of an angel. She felt utterly surrounded by love.

Watch Yvonne’s full account of all the wonders of heaven. 

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