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A Host of Angels

Artisans and crafters collect angels as a pastime for their beauty.

Angel collecting is a heavenly pastime.

When the resurgence of angel interest happened in 1992, one of the most unique responses came from crafters and artisans. To follow the trend, they began making angels of all kinds, and in response, many people opened boutiques dedicated to angel merchandise. 

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At its highest point, over 250 independent stores in the United States were devoted completely to angel products. With this welcoming market, crafters were able to make enough of a profit to continue something they loved to do. Some items were shoddy and faddish, but the majority of the pieces were as exquisite as the angels themselves. 

But long before the resurgence in angel interest, the Angel Collectors Club of America (ACCA) was going strong. Today, the ACCA has over 600 members and 20 chapters. 

The club, which recently celebrated its 28th anniversary, is composed of people who love to collect angels, in any form. Members enjoy a quarterly newsletter, Halo Everybody, and information on unique angels, exchanges, connection to other angels collectors, and a convention every other year.

Membership dues are $20 a year ($25 for foreign members), and you can join by sending your check to:

Joyce Smith
234 Granite Creek Road
Santa Cruz, CA 95065.

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It’s fun!

A smaller national club is Angels of the World International, or AWI, also made up of people who collect angels. If you would like to receive six bulletins per year, a one-time membership pin and other goodies, please contact Suzanne Vecchiarelli at for more info. Dues are a modest $10 a year.

In other collecting news, ACCA-member Joyce Berg, of Beloit, Wisconsin, decided to donate her angel collection, believed to be the largest in the country (an estimated 12,000). But where? Coincidentally (and we angel believers know there’s no such thing), a Beloit church needed to be restored, and through fundraising, an Angel Museum was created. Among the unique pieces there are 600 black angels, donated by Oprah Winfrey.

For information on hours and directions, call 608-362-9099.

Wonder what the angels will think of next!


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