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A Pair of Humpbacked Angels

A family vacation is saved by a pair of whales who provided some welcome diversion.

An artist's rendering of the tales of a pair of whales extend above the sea.

My family was shrinking: two boys in college, our oldest daughter married. John and I decided to splurge on a vacation with the three younger kids while we still had them! We rented a lodge on the Northern California coast for three whole nights.

“There will be a lighthouse and tide pools,” I told the kids. “We can fly kites!”

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When we got there, the wind had other ideas. Our kite strings got all tangled. A huge gust blew the whole “bouquet” onto an outcropping of rocks. The kids shivered in the breeze. “Let’s just go back to the lodge and have some lunch,” I said. What a vacation, I thought.

As we turned to go, John noticed something in the water. Twenty feet from shore, little sprays of water were shooting straight up. Seconds later the bluish grey skin of a humpback whale emerged. Then another. A mother and baby whale were playing in the surf.

If the wind hadn’t dashed our kites, we would have had our eyes on the sky and missed the familial display.

The kids jumped up and down in delight. John put his arm around me and pulled me close for a cuddle. Everyone warmed up. Weren’t all God’s creatures in a constant state of transition?


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