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Angelsaurus Rex

A child’s birthday is brightened by a stuffed dinosaur from an earth angel.

An artist's rendering of a stuffed T-Rex

Eight was an important birthday. I took my grandson Brennan to the Dollar General to pick something out.

“Okay, Pawpy!” he said, and ran off to check out the merchandise.

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A few minutes later, he returned with a toy in tow. Not just any toy—a four-foot-tall stuffed Tyrannosaurus Rex. It was bigger than he was! Another customer laughed to see him carry it.

“This is what I want, Pawpy!” Brennan said. He loved dinosaurs.

“Let me check the price tag,” I said. Just as I feared, it was way too much for my fixed income.

Brennan picked something less expensive. As we walked out to the car, I heard hurried footsteps behind us.

“Stop!” It was the customer from the store. She was carrying the T-Rex. “Happy birthday!”

Brennan hugged his new T-Rex all the way home, and I was thankful that angels aren’t extinct.

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