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Have You Heard a Voice Talking to You?

Is it your inner wisdom? Is it an angel?

Have you ever heard a Voice? Is it your inner wisdom? Is it an angel?  

The Voice is so well-known that we read of it in novels. Nikolai Gogol in his short story Old Fashioned Farmer writes: “It has doubtless happened to you, at some time or other, to hear a voice calling you by name.” And he adds that he’d heard it many times in his childhood. The Russian peasants of that century believed a Voice to be the man’s spirit calling him to death. But I think it’s something else.

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I heard of a woman who was camping by the Grand Canyon on a rafting trip, when she heard a Voice speaking in her ear: “In 11 months you will give birth to a baby girl.” It startled her that she looked around. What was that? And who did she think she was, the Virgin Mary? Since she wasn’t pregnant at the time she put it aside. But exactly 11 months later, her little daughter was born.

What are we to make of that?

A National Geographic photographer wanted a publisher for his photos. Walking alone in Hawaii one day, thinking how he wanted a publisher, he heard a Voice speaking out loud: “Go see So-and-So.” He had never heard the name before. When he got home, he asked his sister if she’d ever heard of someone with that name. She had. The man became the publisher of the photographer’s book.    

I know of two women who heard a Voice announce that they were meeting their future husband. “Remember his name; you will marry him.” 

Have you ever heard a Voice? Will you tell me your story? What did your Voice say?

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