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Do You Make Handcrafted Jewelry?

Does it inspire you? Do you do it to relax, or to lose yourself momentarily in something beautiful?

I was just talking to a jewelry editor at one of the Interweave craft magazines, telling her how creative the Angels on Earth readers are. I learned a little about beading, in particular, and what attracts women to this particular type of handiwork.                

The editor told an inspiring story about a woman who actually quit smoking thanks to beading, and a mother who learned to bead to improve her coordination after surviving a brain aneurism. Beading or “stringing” as physical therapy!

This editor knows women who bead during sleepless nights, to fend off depression, even to keep hands busy while grieving a loved one. Some people seem to enjoy being part of the close-knit community of beaders as much as the beading itself. Guess who that reminds me of! You, who cherish this community of earth angels as much as you love heavenly angels.

As the jewelry editor and I swapped stories, I got to wondering if any of you make handcrafted jewelry. I have a feeling you do. So…why do you do it? Does it inspire you? Do you do it to relax, or to lose yourself momentarily in something beautiful? Has beading or some other kind of jewelry-making helped you through a tough time in your life? Tell me about it here, or email me at I’m hoping maybe we can all work together on an angelic jewelry project.

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