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How a Bracelet Reminded Her of God’s Love

The piece of jewelry helped her focus on her favorite psalm.

Small angels circling a pearl bracelet; Illustration by Donna Grethen

Flipping through a magazine, I saw an advertisement for a unique bracelet. It featured a heart with a little gold cross on one side, some mother of-pearl accents and an inscription: “Be still and know that I am God,” my favorite psalm. Best of all, the magnetic closure would be so much easier to secure around my wrist than the traditional clasps that sometimes required assistance from my husband.

The bracelet seemed meant for me. I’d turned to the powerful psalm for comfort many times over the last dozen or so years, when I’d had my share of physical setbacks. There were new worries now. My husband and I had just started attending a new church, and we were trying to feel at home there. Would we be able to adjust? As my mind spiraled with questions, I stared at the picture of the bracelet. The psalm reminded me that God was in control and I could always trust him. I pushed away my concerns and ordered the bracelet.

The day after it arrived I clicked it on to wear to work. “It’s beautiful,” said a coworker, eyeing my wrist.

“This is the first time I’m wearing it.” I put out my arm for her to admire the bracelet. But it caught on a phone cord, its magnetic closure coming undone, and plopped on my desk. In fact, keeping the bracelet closed around my wrist proved to be a nuisance. It fell off when I put on a coat. It snapped open if I bumped it. I worried about it falling off while I played the organ at church. Was wearing it worth it if all I ever did was pick it up and put it back on?

“Is that your bracelet on the floor, Beth?” my boss asked one morning, pointing to the culprit. I rolled my eyes and knelt down to pick it up. I held the bracelet in my hand, blaming it for not cooperating. Be still and know that I am God, the bracelet reminded.

Annoyance faded into clear-headed joy when I realized my unexpected blessing. Every time the bracelet fell off was another opportunity to reclaim my favorite verse, as if an angel were giving me a friendly little tap on the wrist, reminding me that God is ever faithful and loving. My bracelet was definitely meant for me.

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