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Dreams That Were More Than Just Dreams

This collection of stories proves the divine power behind dreams.

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Dreams are often the unconscious mind’s way to work through the information taken in while awake. But every so often, a dream comes along that feels exceptional. Like God is telling us something. Here’s a collection of such dreams—divine messages that changed the lives of the dreamers forever.

She Discovered Her Calling in a Dream

This was not the first dream of its kind that Janis Peters had. But this one stood out to her. It was vivid, lifelike. In it, she found herself sitting in her car. It was night. She could hear waves crashing in the distance. But she wasn’t alone. There was someone sitting in the backseat. Janis couldn’t tell who it was—if it was a man or a woman—but their presence was comforting. She felt at peace. “This is why you’re here,” the presence said. “This is why you were born, Janis.” Then she woke up.

Read Janis’s story “She Discovered Her Calling for Caregiving in a Dream” here. 

A Staircase from Heaven Lifted Her Spirits

When Kathy Black received the call telling her that her father had passed away, it wasn’t a shock. Her father had been struggling with alcoholism for years. He’d been homeless, bouncing from shelter to shelter. His death was expected, but it still hurt. Kathy had always longed to bridge the gap between them, to fix their relationship. Now, that would never happen. In the weeks that followed, Kathy was wracked with guilt and sadness. Then she had this dream…

Read Kathy’s story “A Staircase from Heaven Lifted Her Spirits” here.

A Dream Led Her to a Discarded Piano

Jan Jackson was in a truck, driving quickly on the winding forest road, gravel crunching beneath the tires. She didn’t know where she was going, but she knew where she was: Lost Trail Road. Not too far from her house. Her nephew Barry was driving. Jan sat in the passenger seat, watching the trees whiz by. That’s when something strange caught her eye. A green flash—too vibrant to be natural. It was a green… piano?

“Stop!” she shouted to Barry—And woke up in bed. It had just been a dream, she told herself. But why had it felt so real?

Read Jan’s story “A Dream Led Her to a Discarded Piano” here.

A Dream Convinced Her to Overcome Her Fears

Every year when she was a teenager, Diane Stark would go away to summer camp. She’d always counted down the last few days of school, anticipating the upcoming weeks of fun and friends. But, this year was different. This past year had been difficult for Diane. She wasn’t sure she could spend the whole summer so far away from home. “Let’s pray about it, honey, and give yourself time to decide,” her mother told her. “You’ve been so excited to go…”

A few days later, Diane got the answer she’d prayed for—in the form of a dream.

Read Diane’s story “A Dream Convinced Her to Overcome Her Fears” here.

A Final Visit from Mom

The voice is what woke her. “Jackie,” it called out. Jackie O’Guin hadn’t heard that voice in over three decades, but she’d recognize it anywhere. It was her mother. “Jackie,” her mother said again. Jackie sat up in bed and saw… herself? It was a vision, playing before her eyes. In it, Jackie saw herself speaking with her mother, laughing and smiling. But this version of her mother wasn’t one she recognized. This woman was happy and bright, unburdened by the anger Jackie had known her to always carry. The vision faded and Jackie soon slipped back into a deep, deep sleep.

When she awoke the next morning, the dream came flooding back, Jackie had one question: What did it mean?

Read Jackie’s story “A Final Visit from Mom” here.

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