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What the Heck Happened to Advent?

I started thinking about whether Christmas season starts too soon…

Do you think we get too early a jump on Christmas season?

Last week I blogged from Branson about the inspirational stories people wrote us describing the inspiring people in their lives and communities. Guideposts honored the three winners of our Inspiring Americans contest in a ceremony at Silver Dollar City and I mentioned that the awards event coincided with the lighting of a huge beautiful Christmas tree followed by a rollicking holiday parade through the park. The winners rode on a Christmas float and had the time of their lives. They are truly positive people!

Georgia Thompson posted a response on our Facebook page questioning why Christmas season was beginning in mid-November and asking whatever happened to Advent, and that got me thinking about the question: Do we begin the Christmas season earlier and earlier each year and has it gone too far? Has the season become just a long, drawn-out excuse for retailers to sell stuff rather than a period of time when people prepare spiritually for the birth of the Christ child? I have to admit I love Christmas carols, particularly the old standards, but by mid-December I’m ready to scream if I hear another one piped over the sound system of every store I go into. I mean why am I listening to Christmas music at the car wash the weekend before Thanksgiving?

So what do you think? Does Christmas season start too soon? Have we forgotten about Advent? Post below. Let’s see if we can get a discussion going.

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