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Jesus Cares About the Little Things

Ask Jesus to help you with small matters in your life today.

Ask Jesus to help you with the small matters in your life today

With every sun’s rising, surprise us with Your love, satisfy us with Your kindness. Then we will sing with joy and celebrate every day we are alive.
Psalm 90:14 (VOICE)

“Jesus has more important matters to deal with than my small problems!” Those words from an acquaintance surprised me, then made me wonder. How did I really feel about that statement?

I think I’ve always believed that Jesus cares about the details of our lives. I remember one day years ago, the temperature reached three-digit heat. Our dog had destroyed our small, above ground swimming pool, and we asked Jesus to provide another pool for our daughters. Three days later, a friend called: “Could your girls use a swimming pool? My kids have outgrown theirs.” We included Jesus in so many details that our grown children joke about the times we hesitated over buying pizza after church.

But as the years pass, it’s easy to slip unconsciously into a “Don’t bother God with little things” mentality. So before my husband and I planned three fishing trips recently, we asked Jesus for a relatively small thing: in the middle of rising summer temperatures, could He send cooler weather and productive fishing? Each time, clouds hovered, cool winds blew, and we kept snagging big fish.

Does Jesus always say yes to our small requests? No, but He does care about them. Most important, He cares about me—and you— and everything that affects us. Why? I suspect because we are His children. And because He loves to surprise and give good gifts to His kids (Matthew 7:11).

Faith Step: Ask Jesus to help you with the small matters in your life today. Then thank Him for His answers.

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